About Us

At Strong Cheese Provisions, I aim to take the foods I remember from my childhood on a Wisconsin farm and make them better. By bringing in local and high-quality ingredients and incorporating other traditional recipes, lowly foods usually relegated to massive grocery store chains, can become something wonderful and special.
Our flagship product, Strong Cheese, or Fromage Fort, is a cross between the cheese spread I grew up eating on holidays and the French-style fort I learned to make during my years as a cheesemonger. We add a splash of beer instead of wine to keep it more farm than French.
We hope you love it as much as we do!

Jasmine Smith is Strong Cheese Provisions’ Owner and head Spreadmaker. She began her career like a lot of people–making cheese and beer at home. After a surprisingly successful gouda she aged in her closet for six months, she started working as a cheesemonger for Cowgirl Creamery at their Ferry Building store. After becoming a staff supervisor, she began running tasting sessions for the staff to learn more about beer and wine pairings. After a stint with the cheese department at Whole Foods and helping new store Little Vine create their cheese counter and beer list, Jasmine started Strong Cheese Provisions.



Joseph Ruvel is Strong Cheese Provisions’ beer expert and CTO (that’s Chief Tasting Officer…though he also does our tech). He has been writing the popular beer blog Beer at Joe’s¬†since 2007, chronicling his brewery visits, beer classes, and festival tastings. In addition to SCP, he works for Binwise, where he is expanding his wine knowledge¬†making software for sommeliers.