Cheese & Beer Events


Looking for a fun event for your office? Birthday party? Wedding shower? How about hosting a cheese & beer tasting! We specialize in running small, fun tasting events where friends or coworkers can mingle and learn. We can pull from our extensive knowledge and teach you as much as you’d like to know about cheese and beer, or just set up a delicious self-serve tasting and let the fun begin.

Here’s how it works–you tell us how many people, if you have a theme (say, all California cheeses, or seasonal cheeses, etc), and tell us what kind of setup you’d like–formal class, quirky party, whatever you’d like. Then we show up with all the cheese, beer, crackers, and cheese plate fixin’s. Along with that we’ll bring handouts for anyone who would like to make notes or remember what they tasted.

No idea what you want? No problem. Just tell us how many people and we’ll take care of everything.

Because we can get our cheeses at wholesale prices, hiring a professional cheesemonger to run your tasting can be more affordable than you would imagine. Contact us today for an estimate!

Strong Cheese Events

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